Motionphics In Action is crafting leadership events for life!!!

Motionphics In Action is most definitely about keeping our teens active. View our upcoming events to see how you can be a part of our next production. See you there!!!

  • Bikers Club

    The Damascus Road Project

    Join Damascus Road for our monthly talks that address issues concerning our young men of the community. Damascus Road is a panel discussion that provide solutions, activism and mentoring within to promote healing and postive aspects of manhood within the community. Damascus Road takes place every Saturday morning at 10 A.M. Men of all ages are welcomed to participate.

  • Bikers Club

    Action TV Afterschool Writing Workshops (a.k.a. A-WHIPS)

    Join Live & Direct's Action TV for our Afterschool Writing Workshops. Work with our instructors and peers to create stories that will inform the community about global changes and solutions for teens by teens. Writing Workshops will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-6pm.

  • Bikers Club

    Live & Direct's Weekend Media Workshops

    Teens, learn storytelling, writing, acting, blogging, computer graphic design, videography, editingand much more at Live & Direct's Weekend Media Workshop. In our workshops, teens will be a part of a productive news crew that teaches accountability and communal awareness. Come be a part of these powerful workshops. Workshops are two days long (Friday evenings and Saturdays). For more information on our weekend workshops, email us at

  • Bikers Club

    Motionphics Studios presents Live & Direct Summer Media Festival

    Motionphics Studios presents its First Annual Live & Direct Summer Media Festival- Saturday July 23, 2016. We are seeking short film, documentary, podcasts, poetry slam and teen solution entries from teen mediamakers. For more information on entry and location, please stay locked in to this website.