Mission Statement

Motionphics In Action is a youth empowerment group designed to coach and challenge youth to discover their passions through media-driven exercises.

Vision Statement

We travel to remote and economically challenged communities to provide media-based foreign exchange through social, global and inspirational dialogue and leadership and mentorship styled educational exercises that impact communities.


  • Cape Town
  • Cape Town

Our Philosophy

Minutes from the downtown New Orleans business district, Motionphics In Action this is located in a rural location with a diverse economic make-up. Following Hurricane Katrina, this area quickly became densely populated. The students in this community have much to share about disaster and rebuilding in terms of strength and what part youth can play in motivating a community

Motionphics In Action is a media arts organization that prepares youth to be media artists and community leaders. Through our after-school programs, youth produce videos, websites, and multimedia projects on such topics as youth culture, war and displacement, community health, juvenile justice, immigration, sexual exploitation and much more. Our work is grounded in the belief that young people have much to offer, and that media can be a powerful tool in their hands.

Motionphics In Action programs are custom-made, and feature media production, workshops and exercises for issue awareness, team-building, and personal development. Our workshops are run by experienced media makers and facilitators who engage the youth video team in an interactive and playful process of collective creation and hands-on research. Our programs are EXPERIENTIAL, CHALLENGE AND LEARNING-FILLED, MEDIA-BASED, DEVELOPMENTAL, RESPECTFUL OF PEOPLE AND THEIR ENVIRONMENTS.


Our goals are to:

1. To provide alternative methods to education.

2. To provide youth globally with an alternative outlet for expression.

3. To empower youth to become active in their communities for change.



About Our Founder

Derron Cook – Founder/President of Motionphics In Action

A native of Reserve, Louisiana. He has an undergraduate degree form Clark Atlanta University and a Masters of Fine Arts from The Savannah College of Art and Design. In NYC he has worked in the field of TV/video production, motion graphics and graphic design. Derron has worked with BET, Discovery Channel, Upscale Magazine, Interior Design Magazine and the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. Derron is on a
mission to empower minority youth and communities through the arts, giving youth a voice to play big on the world's stage. In 2008, Derron returned from a four month mission in Cape Town, South Africa where he co-created Studio 7D—a youth empowerment group designed to coach and challenge youth to discover their passions through media-driven exercises. Derron believes firmly in the possibility and potential of all and is working to bring this vision to fruition through Motionphics In Action.


Be Part of Our Community

If you are a young go-getter with a nack for reporting news, writing news stories, creating art, photography, poetry or music, then we are looking for you. Contact us with your idea and you could be on the next episode of Action TV or starring in your own show on the Superior Network. Email us at outreach@motionphicsinaction.org.